I live my life through rainbow-unicorn-glitter glasses.

I firmly believe that happiness is a habit.

That being said, this week ran me over like a train and totally did NOT. APOLOGIZE.

We are making tough choices about our 18-year-old terrier dog, Eli. The faithful companion who has been by my side through more homes than I have fingers, babies, jobs, tears, joy, and so much more.

We are making tough choices about whether to take the physical and emotional risk of adding to our human capital.

I am trying to plan a family ski vacation for 15 people. Jesus be near.

My morning quiet time has been consistently interrupted and disjointed, dots not connecting, wading through scripture like flood waters.

Add in a dash of mid-term election ugliness, a bit (read: LARGE AMOUNT) of work stress, a ten-year old who knows EVERYTHING (except to remember his uniform belt) and this week just floored it and ran me over. And then backed up over me, just, you know, to be safe.

Here’s what I DO know:

God is faithful to me.

Obedience offers protection.

Every song on the radio this week has shouted affirmation at me:

“You loved me first, no questions asked”

“We won’t be shaken!”

“I believe what you say of me”

God has sent me reminders of gratitude. When I am restless in the wee hours of the night, worship songs have filled my mind and squashed the millions of things that compete for our Father’s attention.

I think often that when we get SO unbalance - like this past week - God is trying to show us some things.

For me, I believe he’s revealing a need to reorganize my priorities and the time I spend with my family. Obedience to this (sometimes loud) calling offers me protection from the snares of the enemy. But the ultimate action is up to us. It’s up to me.

How can you be more obedient to the callings of the Lord on your life to adjust your time, your priorities, heck, even your dinner plans?